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Currency Rates:
The currency rates (if shown) on a listing are a guide only. No responsibility can be accepted for offers made on property based on the currency prices displayed. You are advised to check the currency rate before purchasing.

Property Locations:
Please note that if you request information from us regarding the exact location of a property you are requesting confidential information that is protected under French law.
You cannot use any information we give you regarding the exact location of a property for anything other than your own, personal use. You cannot use the information we give you regarding the exact location of a property for contacting another agency, for use at another agency, for advertising, or for directly approaching the owner of the property that you have received the exact location for. Breach of this confidentiality can be pursued under French law. Your enquiry (be it by email, telephone or other means of communication) for the exact location of a property will be deemed as acceptance of these terms. This clause is to protect ourselves from less scrupulous agencies from contacting us and pretending to be a client in order to obtain the addresses of our properties so they can approach the owners to be able to sell the properties themselves.

Loan And Mortgage Calculators:
The calculators and the resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application, loan offer or loan approval and are provided for information purposes only.

Privacy Policy: and Cabinet Bourgogne Immobilier will not disclose any details made known to us to anyone else. We will not sell, exchange, swap or give your email address to anyone else. We will only use your email address to send you periodical newsletters or to inform you of new properties added to the site. You are free to unsubscribe from these services at any time.

Notaires Fees:
When viewing properties on most web sites, notaires fees are very rarely (if ever) shown as included in the house price. We are no exception. The displayed price for a property will need to have notaires fees added. The fees for the notaire are laid down by the French Government and are  worked out according to a sliding scale determined by the Government. Below are a few examples of the prices for notaires:

 House Price
€10 500 €1790
€30 000
€50 000
€70 000
€100 000
€150 000

Please note these figures are for illustration purposes only, the actual figures may differ slightly - please ask us for a precise price on any of our properties.

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Prices include agency fees (FAI).

Notaires fees (the property solicitor/lawyer) are 7% to 10% extra (a sliding scale which is dependant on the property price. This scale is determined by the French Government).
All measurements and descriptions are approximate and non-contractual. Please see our Legal Page and the FAQs.

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